CS9300 3D CBCT & OPG 

  • The CS9300 offers the modern Dentist & Oral Surgeon a great choice of low dose 3D images of your patients. 
  • Installed for only £1,268.00.
  • 5 years. 3.5% apr
    • Focused Small Field (Endo) (5x5cm)
    • Single Jaw (10x5cm)
    • Dual Jaw (8x8cm)
    • Extended Double Jaw (10x10cm)

With the new low dose CBCT mode, it is possible to capture a dual jaw 3D CBCT
while exposing your patient to around the same level of dose to that of a modern
efficient OPG, The example in the video below was just .23 Microsieverts. 

The power of all-in-one

From panoramic to CBCT, the CS 9300 combines 2D and 3D capabilities, incorporating
all your practice’s imaging needs in one system. With panoramic, up to seven selectable
3D sizes and optional cephalometric images, the CS 9300 produces more precise images
in every modality, enabling you to see any anatomical examination from every angle with
1:1 acuracy.

Superb image quality

With image resolution up to 90 μm, the superb quality of the CS 9300 allows you to collect
valuable diagnostic information for a range of clinical applications, including focused-field,
single jaw, dual jaw, single and double TMJ, dual jaw, sinus and maxillofacial.
The CS 9300 gives practitioners more control in limiting radiation exposure to patients.
Cone beam CT used for image capture, delivers lower radiation dosage than conventional
CT units. The system also allows the user to collimate the imaging area – based on clinical needs
– to further limit radiation exposure. In addition, images are taken in as little as 12 seconds depending on the chosen field of view, reducing both exposure time and blurred images.
The system is also equipped with preview image “scout” technology, allowing you to evaluate patient positioning before 3D acquisition. This combination of speed, image quality and precision placement dramatically reduces the need for retakes.

Low Dose Imaging

• 3D images at 3μSv in 5x5 cm adult exams— up to an 85% lower dose than panoramic imaging1a

• Drastically reduce dose and scanning time while maintaining diagnostic image quality


 Dose reduction ranges from 0% to 85% based on the field of view size. Based on studies conducted by John B. Ludlow, University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry: Dosimetry of CS 8100 CBCT Unit and CS 9300 Low-Dose Protocol, August 2014; Dosimetry of the Carestream CS 9300 CBCT unit, June 2011.
  • Two low dose programs available to match diagnostic needs:
    • Low dose mode maximizes dose reduction― between 73% and 95% when compared to standard acquisition mode1
    • Fast scan mode optimize image quality and reduce dose up to 40% over standard acquisition mode2
  • Provides even better control of radiation dose and image quality
1. Dose reduction ranges from 73% to 95% based on the field of view size.
1. 2. Based on a study conducted by John Ludlow, University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry, Dosimetry of CS 8100 CBCT Unit and CS 9300 Low-Dose Protocol, August 2014.


Demonstration 3D Software

Download the latest version of Carestream Imaging Software as well as a selection of anonymous cases. This is a large file and requires a good spec Windows PC. (Mac Version Coming Later 2013)

Carestream 3D Software Demo

CS9300 Brochure

CS9300 Brochure

Download a copy of the CS9300 brochure which features full specifications, room & IT requirements. CS9300 Full Field CBCT & OPG

Carestream CS9300 Brochure

CS9300 Configuration

Download a copy of the CS9300 configuration sheet which shows the different options and types of scan available.

Carestream CS 9300 Configuration Sheet

New Low Dose Full Field 3D

CS 7600 in 50 Seconds

Watch here as we demonstrate the amazing image that is gained from a 3D scan that was taken using around the same dose as an OPG


9300 Select Field of Views

The New CS9300 Select is Versatile and has a broad selection of different fields of view for the appropriate region of interest

Watch the CS9300

CS1500 Focuses at <1mm

Watch how versatile the new CBCT 3D CS9300 from Carestream is, and the various fields of view availble.