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The CS 9000 3D Low Dose 3D CBCT System
From only £600 Per Month Installed

The Perfect CBCT for Endodontic 3D Imaging

Perform 3D exams quickly and easily in your very own practice. Not only is the unit affordably priced, it’s easy to use and to integrate. Furthermore, with low dose* radiation exposure, it’s designed for daily use by both generalists and specialists alike. The CS 9000 3D gives you the power to visualize the patient accurately as they appear in nature.

The advantage of 3D localized views

The CS 9000 3D system boasts a localized  eld of view for high resolution images and voxel size. It provides a higher level of detail for single teeth, making it ideal for most local dental examinations, even the most demanding ones, such as endodontics and single implants.

The security of low-dose 3D imaging

Furthermore, with localized viewing, capture and exposure are con ned to the local region of interest, thereby respecting the radiographic principle of ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable). The average delivered dose for a single 3D exam performed with the CS 9000 system represents one to three days of natural daily exposure. More signi cantly, it represents ten to thirty times less exposure than some competing 3D systems. In essence, while improving image quality, localized 3D images also provide better protection for patients.

Flexible 3D programs

For cases that involve larger areas, the 3D stitching program allows you to combine up to three volumes into a single one. From local exams to full-arch exams, the CS 9000 3D system gives you the ability to select the most appropriate volume size for your diagnostic needs.

New technology, new applications

You can use your CS 9000 3D system for an array of applications, including: endodontics, implantology, surgery, fracture and periapical lesion assessment and TMJ assessment.

  • Evaluate bone volume and quality
  • Identify and mark anatomical obstacles (mandibular canal, sinus)
  • Take precise measurements
  • Work in 1:1 “true-to-life” scale
  • Plan implants using the CS 3D imaging module


  • Obtain extraordinary detail at low exposure levels
  • Precisely examine root anatomy (curvature, length, number of roots)
  • Enhance early diagnosis of endodontic lesions
  • Identify anatomical elements in region of interest
  • Define endodontic surgical protocol


  • Prepare with complete precision
  • Identify relation between impacted teeth and organs to protect
  • Visualise cysts and periapical lesions
  • Define surgical protocol for impacted teeth extraction, cyst removal or periapical lesion treatment


Work in complete confidence

  • Identify impacted or misplaced teeth
  • Single out fractures and periapical lesions
  • Visualize hard tissues of the TMJ


Complement your cephalometric and panoramic imaging

  • Diagnose complex impactions, supernumeraries,
  • tooth anomalies
  • Assess incisor alveolar bone
  • Visualize TMJ
  • TMJ exam provides clear views of the condyle.
  • 3D image simplifies complex diagnosis such as odontoma.
  • Assess and plan temporary anchorage devices
  • Easily evaluate the presence of supernumerary teeth and their position relative to adjacent (TADS)

360 Dental have a huge wealth of experience with CBCT watch some of CBCT instructional videos and discover how we can help you get the most from your scans.


Demonstration 3D Software

Download the latest version of Carestream Imaging Software as well as a selection of anonymous cases. This is a large file and requires a good spec Windows PC. (Mac Version Coming Later 2013)

Carestream 3D Software Demo

CS9300 Brochure

CS9300 Brochure

Download a copy of the CS9300 brochure which features full specifications, room & IT requirements. CS9300 Full Field CBCT & OPG

Carestream CS9300 Brochure

CS9300 Configuration

Download a copy of the CS9300 configuration sheet which shows the different options and types of scan available.

Carestream CS 9300 Configuration Sheet