CS 8100 Digital OPG From Carestream

All of the features you need—none of the ones you don’t

Meet the CS 8100—the sleek and simple panoramic unit that’s ideal for everyday use.
Blending advanced technologies in an ultra-compact design, the system provides everything
you need to capture high-quality, crystal-clear images in seconds.
• Compact, slim unit—ideal for tight spaces
• Versatile imaging programs cover all your daily panoramic needs
• Use artifact-free image filters to adjust contrast and sharpness with one click
• Acquire images in 10 seconds; then access them instantly
• Convenient and practical face-to-face patient positioning
• Wheelchair accessible
• Includes Carestream's user-friendly and powerful imaging software

Power in a small package: Appealing to users and patients alike

Generate sharp, detailed, and contrasted images with the CS 8100.
When combined with its high-frequency generator, the unit’s advanced CMOS sensor and vibration-free
motion system ensures smooth image capture—no waiting required. And, thanks to its open design and
transparent patient support system, patients also experience a more comfortable exam.

Designed for effortless use

With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use imaging software, the CS 8100 makes
exams quick and simple. Preset programs and automatic exposure settings reduce errors, while a newly
enhanced focal trough prevents positioning errors and promotes more accurate dental arch placement.
In addition, multiple anatomical programs ensure the focal trough adapts to each patient’s unique jaw

Outstanding value for any practice

From standard panoramic images to segmented pans, TMJ, and maxillary sinus images, the CS 8100 covers
all of your daily extraoral exam needs. And, with the unit’s unique “2D+” feature, you can even create 3D-like
visuals to explore the buccalingual region and view multiple slices more clearly than ever before. Plug-and-pan
technology The CS 8100 has more to offer than just imaging capabilities—the system is also incredibly
easy to install and use. Thanks to its one-step Ethernet connection, the CS 8100 connects directly
to the practice’s network. What’s more, since most services can be successfully performed remotely,
you can even reduce service costs and avoid system downtime.

Technical Specifications

Tube voltage: 60-90kV
Tube current: 2-15mA 
Frequency: 140 kHz
Tube focal spot: 0.5 mm (IEC 60336)
Sensor technology CMOS
Image field: 6.4 x 131.2 mm
Gray scale: 4096 - 12 bits
Magnification: 1.2 (± 10%)
Radiological exam options: Full panoramic, segmented panoramic, maxillary sinus, LA TMJ x 2, LA TMJ x 4
Exposure time: 4 to 14 seconds
Weight: 72 kg (158.7 lb.)

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