CS9000 Digital OPG: Innovation made simple

We believe in innovation. We always have. In fact, our products have consistently distinguished themselves as groundbreaking solutions to real challenges.

Nevertheless, innovation alone won’t do. Products must also be easy to understand and operate. Consequently, our design philosophy has always emphasized a commitment to practical ingenuity. In other words, we make sure innovation remains simple, while staying focused on the evolving needs of modern dentistry.

Today’s practitioner requires diagnostic tools that are complete and effective. This was our inspiration in creating the CS 9000 system, the answer to the diagnostic needs of dentists, endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, and maxillo-facial surgeons alike.

High-tech, low strain

Easy and precise positioning

The chief cause of panoramic exam failure is incorrect patient positioning. The CS 9000 system employs the same face-to-face arrangement that was so successful in previous Carestream Dental panoramic units. It facilitates proper positioning, thereby reducing the risk of retakes. Two laser beams help adjust the patient appropriately: the Frankfurt plane and the sagittal median plane. The chin rest, lateral holders and bite block then ensure patient stability.


OPG Positioning Errors