The CS 1200 Intra Oral
Camera with Fixed Focus Technology
From Carestream Dental

The compact CS 1200 intraoral camera delivers the highest image quality in its class
– at a surprisingly affordable price. Designed with usability in mind, the camera makes
sharing images between operators easier than ever. 

 With best-in-class image quality, the CS 1200 delivers the highest image resolution (1024 x 768) in the industry, providing
a clear, precise view of patients’ teeth, anatomical structures, and mouth. Meanwhile, advanced optics help you and
your patients quickly and easily view even the smallest details such as cracks, caries, and other anomalies.

Easy To Share.

The CS 1200 stores up to 300 images within the camera itself, eliminating the need for memory cards or multiple
computers. Designed with convenience and flexibility in mind, the CS 1200 supports USB, S‐Video and AV connections
for both PC and analog display and ensure easy sharing. And, because the CS 1200 does not require docking stations,
switching the camera between surgeries is faster and easier than ever. Thanks to the camera’s crisp, high-quality images,
the CS 1200 facilitates communication with your patients—making it the perfect tool for patient education.
Better understanding, in turn, leads to more informed treatment decisions, making the camera a great way to
help improve your revenue opportunities.

Easy to Integrate.

Fully TWAIN compliant, the CS 1200 works with KODAK/Carestream Imaging Software, as well as integrating with R4 & SOE Exact (Your Practice Management software company may charge an integration fee.) Plus, it comes
complete with everything you need to start using it, including hygienic sheaths and supports USB, AV, and
S‐video connections. The easy‐to‐install holder even comes with multiple mounting options that can be placed
wherever it’s most convenient, keeping the camera within your reach at all times.



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