The CS 1500 Intra Oral
Camera with Liquid Lens Technology
From Carestream Dental

Meet the CS 1500 Intraoral Camera: the ideal communication tool for
any dental professional. Delivering precise, true-to-life images with each shot,
the CS 1500 Camera provides the visual evidence you need to educate patients
and make more accurate diagnoses.

As the definitive tool for enhanced practitioner-patient communication, the 1500 Intraoral Camera generates
images of remarkable sharpness and clarity. Offering the large depth-of-view necessary for both intra- and
extraoral images, the 1500 Camera is an all-in-one solution for still shots and videos. From full arch to macro views,
the camera delivers consistently clear, high-resolution images that can be easily shared with patients—
so they see what you see and are more likely to accept your treatment recommendations.

360 Dental have a huge wealth of experience with all aspects of dental imaging,
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C1500 Overview Video

CS 1500 in 90 Seconds


Discover just how effective the CS 1500 Cordless Camera is to comunicate with your patient in this quick 90 second video we've put together. 

C1500 Macro Accuracy

CS1500 Focuses at <1mm


Watch how effective the CS 1500 Cordless Camera's liquid lens is at Auto-focusing on the super print on this Dollar Bill

C1600 Intra Oral Camera

CS1600 Intra Oral Camera


Watch the CS1600 Camera in action as we demostrate how the unique Caries Detection feature helps communicate with your patient.