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The RVG 5200 Intra Oral Digital Xray Sensor From Carestream Dental

Digital speed. Fast, confident diagnoses. The Carestream RVG 5200 digital radiography system lets
you capture and analyse high quality dental radiographs quickly and easily. Its exceptional ease of
use and value for the money makes it an ideal solution to discover digital radiography,
even for first-time users. Like all Carestream dental systems, the RVG 5200 system is
designed to give you superior results.

  • True image resolution: 14 lp/mm
  • Theoretical sensor resolution: 27.03 lp/mm
  • RVG sensor technology with optical fibre Connection:
  • USB 2 – high speed More practical.
  • More comfortable. More reliable.

With the new sensor design, positioning is easier and more accurate. The rounded corners of the
sensor are more comfortable for patients, and the new cable attachment helps ensure
complete reliability.  As easy to use as it is to master, the RVG 5200 system will help you make your
diagnosis quickly and easily. The sensor remote control allows for convenient
chair-side image capture so you can stay focused on your patients. A complete set of positioners
helps make proper sensor placement faster. 

  • All-purpose sensor providing the best compromise between ease of use and active area.
  • Outside dimensions: 27.5 x 37.7 mm
  • Dimensions of active area:22 x 30 mm
  • Matrix dimension:1200 x 1600

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