Both digital and film benefits, together at last.


From inventing dental fi lm to manufacturing the fi rst digital radiography system for dentists, Carestream Dental is the pioneer of dental imaging and an industry leader today — so no company is better equipped to develop an imaging system that combines the best features of both technologies.

Digital For Film Enthusiasts

Carestream Dental’s imaging plate systems make it easy for any practice to transition to digital. Our units feature a film-like workflow that requires minimal training and will integrate smoothly into your daily practice, while the thin, flexible plates are available in the same sizes as our films. Plus, since the plates have no cable, they’re as easy to position as film—and patients find them just as comfortable as film. While plate technology shares many characteristics with film, it also provides the benefits of digital. Your practice will reap the rewards of a more efficient workflow immediately, as well as eliminate messy chemicals and long processing times. In fact, with proper handling, a single plate can be used hundreds of times. Given your reduced costs and the time you’ll save, it’s easy to see why our imaging plate systems are a cost-effective option for any practice.

Outstanding image quality in seconds.


Whether used alone or integrated with your practice management solution, Carestream Dental’s imaging software serves as the control panel for all of our 2D and 3D digital imaging systems and is compatible with our CAD/CAM solutions. The software is easy to integrate and use—making image analysis quick and simple. With its powerful image processing tools and user-friendly interface, the software makes adjusting and reviewing images intuitive. It also helps image sharing with colleagues and insurance companies, while persuasive radiographs enhance patient communication and increase treatment acceptance.


The durable plates can be reused hundreds of times and—when needed—replacements plates are reasonably priced. Additional plates can also be purchased in multiple sizes.


With the CS 7200’s intuitive workflow, the unit is designed for maximum simplicity, so you can stay focused on your patients. You simply take the x-ray, scan the plate, and the CS 7200 does the rest. Images open on your computerscreen—no clicks required—and the plate automatically erases so it can be reused. And, if a plate is inserted upside down, the unit recognizes the mistake without erasing the image. Available in three plate sizes, the CS 7200 covers all of your routine intraoral indications and, at 17 lp/mm, offers a true image resolution well above other imaging plate systems. The system also features three scanning modes and multiple anatomical filters so you can generate the right image for your diagnostic needs—putting superb images at your fingertips.

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