Dentistry at Holme: CS8100 3D Evo Edition

How Daniel and the team at Dentistry at Home are using CBCT to improve their patient care.

This week we had the please of installing a CS8100 3D at Dentistry at Holme in West Yorkshire. Dr. Daniel Jenkinson has a beautiful practice and the addition of the CBCT will really help the practice with their implant cases.

CS8100 3D CBCT installed by 360 Visualise

Daniel says: 

We've recently had an installation with 360 Visualise, who installed a CBCT team machine for us. The service and support we've had has been phenomenal.From the moment we picked up the phone to the day they came and installed, it's been really seamless. They've also been really helpful in providing ongoing support thatI feel that if there are any issues along the way, we'll be able to iron them out really quickly.The machine itself is super intuitive and really easy to use, so I couldn't be happier, and I think it will benefit our patients massively moving forward.

CBCT Accessory & Computer Cabinet

We also installed one of our custom built PC & accessory cabinets. We've had these designed specifically to hid away the CBCT acquisition computer within the cabinet and ensure there is ample Ventalation for the high spec graphics computer.

CS8100 accessory drawer from 360 Visualise

The drawer in the cabinet has been designed to keep all the accessories neatly tidied away for quick access when required. It has the bite sticks for both the OPG and CBCT bite forks.




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