Much Does a CBCT Machine Cost? A Comprehensive Guide with 360 Visualise

Much Does a CBCT Machine Cost? A Comprehensive Guide with 360 Visualise

1. Introduction

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) machines have revolutionised dental and medical imaging by providing high-resolution, 3D images of dental structures, bones, and soft tissues. This advanced technology has become an essential tool for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning. As a trusted reseller of Carestream and Acteon brands, 360 Visualise offers a range of CBCT machines to suit the needs of dental professionals. In this article, we will discuss the factors affecting CBCT machine costs, compare CBCT to other imaging technologies, and explore the benefits of partnering with 360 Visualise.

2. Factors Affecting CBCT Machine Cost

Brand and Model: Renowned brands like Carestream and Acteon offer high-quality machines with varying price tags based on the model and its features.
Features and Specifications: CBCT machines vary in terms of field of view, image resolution, and scan time. Advanced features and higher specifications usually result in higher costs.

New vs. Used: Purchasing a used CBCT machine can save money compared to a new one, but factors like warranty, maintenance, and software updates should be considered.
Installation and Training: The cost of CBCT machines often includes installation and training, but these costs can vary depending on the complexity of the installation and the level of training required.

3. Comparing CBCT to Other Imaging Technologies

Are All CBCT Scans the Same?: While all CBCT scans utilise the same basic technology, different machines and settings can produce varying image quality and detail.

CBCT vs. OPG: CBCT provides more detailed, 3D images compared to OPG, making it better for complex diagnoses and treatment planning.
CBCT vs. CT: Resolution Comparison: CBCT offers higher-resolution images than traditional CT scans, especially when examining dental structures and bones.

4. Different Types of CBCT Machines

Carestream CS 81003D: A versatile machine designed for various dental applications, including implant planning and endodontics.
Carestream CS 8200: A premium CBCT machine with advanced imaging capabilities and user-friendly software.
Acteon X-Mind Prime: A compact, yet powerful CBCT machine ideal for small dental practices.
Other popular models from Gendex, Vatech, Sirona and Planmeca: These brands also offer high-quality CBCT machines with varying features and price points.

5. Drawbacks of CBCT Technology

Radiation exposure: Although CBCT exposes patients to less radiation than traditional CT scans, it still involves some exposure.
Limitations in soft tissue imaging: CBCT is primarily used for imaging hard tissues and may not be as effective for soft tissue visualisation.

6. The Cost of CBCT in the UK

Price range for various models: CBCT machine costs in the UK can range from £35,000 to £120,000 (including VAT) depending on the brand, model, and features.
Factors affecting pricing in the UK market: Currency exchange rates, taxes, and import fees may influence the final cost of CBCT machines in the UK.

7. The 360 Visualise Advantage

Unbeatable pricing: 360 Visualise guarantees the best prices on CBCT machines, ensuring that you won't find a better deal elsewhere.
Exceptional customer service: Our dedicated team offers personalised assistance to help you choose the right CBCT machine for your practice.
Comprehensive after-sales support: With ongoing technical support, software updates, and maintenance, 360 Visualise ensures your CBCT machine stays in optimal working condition

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