Chatsworth House: Acteon XMIND Prime

Chatsworth House: Acteon XMIND Prime

360 Visualise, where dental practices unlock the full potential of technology through our unrivaled expertise and commitment to exceptional service. Today, we proudly share the story of Prem Hunjan, the esteemed owner of Chatsworth House Dental in Harrogate, and his remarkable journey with our company.

When Prem Hunjan sought to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of his dental practice, he turned to us, 360 Visualise, as his trusted partner. Understanding the importance of investing in the right equipment, Prem selected the Acteon XMind Prime, a compact and powerful CBCT machine that perfectly suited his practice's needs.

At 360 Visualise, we believe that exceptional service begins with a deep understanding of our clients' unique requirements. We embarked on a collaborative journey with Prem, diligently working to comprehend his practice's workflow and design preferences. This understanding enabled us to provide tailored solutions, ensuring seamless integration of the Acteon XMind Prime into his practice.

Prem was particularly impressed by the compactness of the Acteon XMind Prime, as it perfectly aligned with his practice's space constraints. Additionally, he found the machine's simplicity and intuitive design to be paramount in providing an effortless user experience for his dental team.

Our team of experts spared no effort in ensuring the successful installation and calibration of the Acteon XMind Prime at Chatsworth House Dental. We meticulously coordinated the installation process, meticulously positioning the machine within the practice to optimize both functionality and workflow.

360 Visualise takes great pride in not only delivering cutting-edge technology but also in providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to our esteemed clients. Prem Hunjan was delighted to find that our commitment to exceptional service extended beyond the installation. We conducted thorough training sessions, empowering Prem and his team to fully utilise the Acteon XMIND Prime's intuitive features, enabling them to capture precise images and streamline their diagnostic processes.

See the video we created for the Chatsworth House Dental website below

Prem's satisfaction with our service levels and ongoing support was evident as he commended our team's dedication and expertise. At 360 Visualise, we believe that our clients' success is our success, and our partnership with Chatsworth House Dental continues to flourish as we remain in constant contact, providing unparalleled support whenever needed.

Experience the difference of working with 360 Visualise, where exceptional service and cutting-edge technology converge to elevate your dental practice to new heights. Join us on this transformative journey as we leverage our expertise to bring simplicity, innovation, and outstanding results to your practice. Together, we can unlock the true potential of your dental practice and deliver unparalleled care to your valued patients.

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