In-surgery Installation: Acteon XMIND Prime 2. The Grange at Snettisham.

In-surgery Installation: Acteon XMIND Prime 2. The Grange at Snettisham.

"Maximising Space and Efficiency in Dental Practices: The Acteon XMIND Prime 2 Revolution"


In the ever-evolving world of dental technology, practices constantly seek ways to enhance patient care while optimising their operating spaces. The introduction of the Acteon XMIND Prime 2 CBCT unit represents a breakthrough in combining high-end imaging capabilities with space efficiency. This blog explores the benefits of incorporating the XMIND Prime 2 into your practice, showcasing its zero-footprint design and the unparalleled service provided by 360 Visualise.

Zero Space Footprint: A Game Changer

The XMIND Prime 2 stands out with its innovative wall-mounted design, allowing it to be installed as a freestanding unit without consuming valuable floor space. This design eliminates the need for extensive remodelling or the construction of a dedicated room for the CBCT unit. We delve into how this feature not only saves space but also significantly reduces the setup time and investment required to upgrade your practice's imaging capabilities.

Installation and Relocation Flexibility:

At 360 Visualise, we understand the dynamic nature of dental practices. That's why we offer specialised installation services that cater to your current needs while keeping future growth in mind. Learn about our hassle-free process for installing the XMIND Prime 2 today and our commitment to supporting your practice's evolution by seamlessly relocating the unit when you're ready to expand.

Immediate Benefits and Long-term Value:

Integrating the XMIND Prime 2 into your practice isn't just about saving space; it's about starting to utilise cutting-edge technology quicker, enhancing your diagnostic capabilities, and ultimately providing better patient care. We highlight how this immediate implementation translates into significant time savings and a faster return on investment.

Testimonial: A Real-life Success Story

"Mandeep Bhogal, a distinguished dentist from The Grange in Snettisham, shares his firsthand experience with the XMIND Prime 2. From the seamless installation process to the impactful training provided by 360 Visualise's clinical specialists, Dr. Bhogal discusses how the unit has revolutionised his implant dental business. His testimonial underscores the ease of use, the immediate confidence boost in utilising the technology, and the exceptional support received from 360 Visualise, making them an indispensable partner in his practice's growth."


The Acteon XMIND Prime 2 is more than just an imaging unit; it's a solution designed to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of modern dental practices. With 360 Visualise, you gain a partner committed to providing top-tier installation, training, and support services, ensuring your practice can leverage the full potential of this innovative technology.

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Ready to transform your dental practice with the Acteon XMIND Prime 2? Contact 360 Visualise today to discover how we can help you maximise your space and elevate your patient care to the next level with 360 Visualise.

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