Evo Dental: Carestream CS9600

Evo Dental: Carestream CS9600
Evo Dental specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for patients requiring total tooth replacement. Their expertise extends to individuals with no teeth, those missing multiple teeth and wearing dentures, and individuals with advanced gum disease, loose teeth, or severe decay and wear. With their years of experience in this specialized field, Evo Dental has developed a range of tailored solutions for patients, offering personalized treatment options based on disease severity and individual anatomy. Their reputation for excellence has led many dentists to refer their most complex cases to Evo Dental for their expertise and assistance.

To further enhance their treatment solutions and ensure optimal patient care, Evo Dental recognized the need for state-of-the-art imaging technology. Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning are crucial in their field, necessitating advanced imaging equipment that can provide detailed, high-quality images. To meet this need, Evo Dental partnered with 360 Visualise to install Carestream CS9600 CBCT machines at their various sites across Liverpool, London, Solihull, and Leeds.

360 Visualise, renowned for their expertise in dental technology and practice optimization, collaborated closely with Evo Dental to ensure seamless integration of the Carestream CS9600 CBCT machines into their practices. By working in close cooperation, the two teams ensured maximum uptime for the specialized imaging equipment, enabling Evo Dental's team to deliver exceptional patient care without interruption.

360 Visualise's swift reaction times and close working relationship with Evo Dental proved invaluable. Their commitment to providing outstanding service meant that any technical issues or concerns were promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. The partnership between Evo Dental and 360 Visualise allowed for seamless image transfer and sharing across the network, facilitating effective communication between team members and enabling streamlined treatment planning.

The collaboration between Evo Dental and 360 Visualise has resulted in significant improvements in patient care and treatment outcomes. With the installation of the Carestream CS9600 CBCT machines, Evo Dental now has access to cutting-edge imaging technology, allowing for precise and accurate diagnoses, treatment planning, and monitoring of patient progress.

The fast reaction times and close working relationship between Evo Dental and 360 Visualise have fostered a strong partnership built on trust, reliability, and mutual understanding. Evo Dental can rely on 360 Visualise's prompt and efficient support whenever needed, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing any potential disruptions to patient care.

With the exceptional service and expertise provided by 360 Visualise, Evo Dental remains at the forefront of their field, providing personalized treatment solutions to patients with varying needs. The collaboration between the two companies continues to thrive, with both Evo Dental and 360 Visualise working closely together to drive innovation, enhance patient care, and maintain their shared commitment to excellence.

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