Springfield Dental Clinic

Springfield Dental Clinic
Case Study: Transforming Patient Workflow with the Carestream CS8100 3D at Springfield Dental Clinic


Dr. Nga Ross and Dr. Steve Ross, the principle dentists at Springfield Dental Clinic in Guisley, recently took their practice to the next level by acquiring the Carestream CS8100 3D from 360 Visualise. Initially, Springfield Dental Clinic was referring their Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans out to a local scanning centre. However, the addition of the CS8100 3D to their suite of in-house tools has transformed their patient workflow and significantly improved the overall patient experience.

A Seamless Integration

From the onset, the team at 360 Visualise displayed exceptional professionalism and commitment, seamlessly organising all electrical preparations and carrying out the installation of the Carestream CS8100 3D swiftly and efficiently. Drs. Ross found that the transition was smoothly executed with minimum disruption to their daily practice.

Patient Workflow Revolutionised

Having the CBCT scanner within their clinic has allowed Drs. Ross to streamline the workflow of their dental implant patients. Now, the entire process can be completed within a single visit, resulting in heightened patient satisfaction.

Enhancing Patient Communication

Beyond convenience, the Carestream CS8100 3D has also proven to be an invaluable tool for patient education and communication. The scanner provides a detailed 3D representation of a patient's anatomy, allowing Drs. Ross to explain potential treatments more effectively. Patients are now more engaged in their treatment plans, fostering trust and confidence in Springfield Dental Clinic.

Outstanding Support from 360 Visualise

Throughout their journey, Drs. Ross have been thrilled with the superior support provided by 360 Visualise. From fast installation to consistent after-sales service, the commitment and expertise from the 360 Visualise team have been truly noteworthy.

Benefits of CBCT for Implant and Endodontic Patients

The adoption of the Carestream CS8100 3D has brought an array of benefits to the clinic, especially for their implant and endodontic patients:

Detailed Imaging: CBCT scans provide detailed 3D images, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
Improved Patient Experience: By eliminating the need to refer patients to a scanning centre, their journey becomes smoother and less time-consuming.
Effective Communication Tool: 3D scans help patients better understand their dental condition and the proposed treatment, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction.
In-House Solution: Owning a CBCT scanner reduces the dependency on external scanning centres, saving time and increasing workflow efficiency.

In reflection, Drs. Steve and Nga Ross offer a resounding recommendation for 360 Visualise. The addition of the Carestream CS8100 3D has not only transformed the patient experience but also optimised their workflow, making it an invaluable asset to Springfield Dental Clinic. The robust support provided by the 360 Visualise team further consolidates their positive experience, leading to a fruitful and ongoing partnership.

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