New Carestream 3D Viewing Software: CS 3D Suite 3.10.38

New Carestream 3D Viewing Software: CS 3D Suite 3.10.38

Introducing the New 3D Viewing Software Upgrade: Boost Your Dental Practice

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Discover the latest 3D imaging software upgrade from Carestream Dental, designed to provide a more efficient, user-friendly experience for dental professionals. This update is packed with features that will streamline your workflow and enhance your clinical capabilities. Here are the key benefits:

1. Streamlined User Interface

  • Merged tabs and a new horizontal toolbar provide easy access to tools and objects
  • Enhanced analysis management for creating multiple treatment plans from one volume

2. Advanced Annotation and Drawing Tools

  • New tools include arrow, circle, rectangle, freehand drawing, and text edit
  • Annotations can be attached to the whole volume or specific slices for easy retrieval

3. Double-Jaw Arch Tracing

  • Easily trace two simultaneous jaw arches for optimal treatment planning
  • Toggle between the two arches for efficient workflow

4. Lock/Unlock Implants, Crowns, and Wax-ups

  • Prevent manipulation errors by locking objects in place
  • Unlock objects when needed for adjustments

5. Improved Export Experience

  • Export to any destination, with or without the light viewer
  • Automatic assignment of patient names to export folders

6. New Report Editor

  • Create customizable templates and reports with ease
  • Drag and drop images from the Gallery into your templates
  • Send reports to printers or save as PDF files

7. Simplified Slice Thickness and Spacing

  • Rounded values for easier comprehension
  • Synchronize slice thickness across multiple views

Upgrade to the new 3D viewing software and elevate your dental practice today. Experience the benefits of a more efficient, user-friendly, and clinically advanced software solution.

Download the software for free from 360 Visualise here:


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