Why should you upgrade your old OPG to Cone Beam CBCT

Why should you upgrade your old OPG to Cone Beam CBCT - 360visualise
Upgrading an orthopantomogram (OPG or OPT) machine to cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) can offer several benefits, including:

Enhanced image resolution: CBCT scanners produce higher resolution images than OPG machines, which allows for more detailed visualisation of the teeth and surrounding structures in the mouth. This can be particularly useful for identifying small abnormalities or abnormalities in hard-to-see areas.
Improved diagnosis and treatment planning: The improved image quality provided by CBCT scanners can help dentists and oral surgeons make more accurate diagnoses and develop more precise treatment plans.

Reduced radiation exposure: CBCT scanners use lower doses of radiation than OPG machines, which means they may be a safer option for certain patients, such as pregnant women or children.
Greater versatility: CBCT scanners are more versatile than OPG machines, as they can produce images of a variety of different areas in the head and neck. This can be particularly useful for dentists and oral surgeons who need to image the entire jaw or sinuses.

Overall, upgrading to a CBCT machine can provide a range of benefits for dentists and oral surgeons, including improved image quality, more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, and reduced radiation exposure for patients.

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