Revolutionising Dental Imaging with Acteon XMIND Prime2 CBCT

Revolutionising Dental Imaging with Acteon XMIND Prime2 CBCT

In today’s rapidly advancing dental industry, the integration of versatile imaging systems is paramount for executing successful dental procedures. 360 Visualise is thrilled to unveil the Acteon XMIND Prime2 CBCT, an avant-garde device that unifies 2D panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT imaging, setting a new standard in diagnostic precision and patient care.

Acteon XMIND Prime2 Brochure

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Recognising the pivotal role of diagnostic CBCT images in dental treatments is crucial. However, the field is not without its challenges, such as bulky devices, patient anxiety, intricate installation processes, and complex data management. Addressing these issues head-on, the XMIND Prime2 CBCT has been meticulously designed for compactness and simplicity, ensuring a smooth experience for healthcare professionals.

A Compact Design for Comprehensive Care

The XMIND Prime2 CBCT transcends the traditional boundaries of imaging devices, providing a holistic solution that enhances workflow efficiency and patient care. With its lightweight design and wall-mounting capabilities, the device guarantees easy installation, ensuring maximum accessibility for both standing and seated patients. The device’s user-friendly interface, combined with streamlined workflows, enables practitioners to achieve accurate diagnostic results swiftly and effortlessly, embodying the essence of simplicity and efficiency.

XMIND Prime Dimensions

Fast installation stands out as a hallmark of the XMIND Prime2 CBCT. Delivered fully assembled, your practice can be transformed and ready for operation within an hour, ensuring comprehensive accessibility and simplified patient positioning. The ergonomic head positioner and automatic FOV centre contribute to improved scanning accuracy, minimising patient movement and delivering superior image quality.

Acteon XMIND Prime2 Clinical Case Book

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Introducing High Resolution 75 Micron Scan for Unparalleled Endo Treatment Visibility

A groundbreaking addition to the XMIND Prime2 CBCT is the High Resolution 75 micron scan, a feature specifically designed to elevate endodontic treatment practices. This advanced scanning capability significantly enhances visibility, allowing practitioners to observe the finest details with unparalleled clarity. The improved image resolution is pivotal for endodontic assessments, ensuring precise identification of root canals and potential fractures, and ultimately contributing to more accurate diagnoses and successful treatment outcomes.

Elevating Clinical Performance

Quality diagnosis is foundational to any dental procedure. With the XMIND Prime2 CBCT, practitioners are equipped with a diverse range of exam modalities and exceptional image quality, regardless of their specialty. The device boasts cutting-edge detection technologies and high-resolution imaging, ensuring quick acquisition and minimising metal artefacts with the innovative SMAR-T option.

SMAR-T option: with the brand new Selective Metal Artifacts Reduction Tool

The software suite is robust, offering a comprehensive array of diagnostic tools and seamless implant planning capabilities. Engaging patients becomes effortless, as they can be actively involved in the diagnostic process, fostering understanding and enhancing case acceptance.

A Powerful Ecosystem for Efficient Practice Management

With 360 Visualise’s XMIND Prime2 CBCT, practices are empowered to transform their clinical processes and bolster their business simultaneously. Equipped with AIS 5, the device serves as a centralised imaging solution, adaptable to practices of all sizes and ensuring efficient data management and workflow optimisation.

Elevate your practice to new heights with the Acteon XMIND Prime2 CBCT, and embrace a future of unparalleled dental imaging and patient care.

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