The CS 3800 Intraoral Scanner: Endless Freedom

The CS 3800 Intraoral Scanner: Endless Freedom - 360visualise

The CS 3800 gives you a whole new experience in acquiring impressions: Freedom. Freedom from cables; freedom to pursue your preferred workflow; freedom to pay only for what you use; and freedom to interact with partners, how you prefer, when you prefer. Plus, as the result of a renewed collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the CS 3800 displays a timeless, ergonomic design that ensures a high- performance scanning experience.

• High-performance wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility
• One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market
• Fast and smooth scanning thanks to a large and deep field of view
• Easier for you and end-to-end workflows provide a seamless user experience

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