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Carestream CBCT Review & Best Price - 360visualise
Guided surgery is a technique used in implant dentistry to increase the accuracy and predictability of the surgical procedure. It involves the use of pre-operative planning and specialised surgical guides to help the surgeon place dental implants in the correct position.

There are several benefits to using guided surgery in implant dentistry:

Increased accuracy: The use of surgical guides helps the surgeon place the implants in the correct position, which can improve the overall outcome of the procedure.
Reduced surgical time: Because the surgical guide helps the surgeon know exactly where to place the implants, the procedure can be completed more quickly.
Reduced risk of complications: By placing the implants in the correct position, the risk of complications such as nerve damage or implant failure is reduced.
Improved patient experience:

Guided surgery can help reduce the amount of time the patient spends in the dental chair, which can improve their overall experience.
To use guided surgery in implant dentistry, the surgeon will first create a digital treatment plan using CT scans and other diagnostic images. This plan will be used to create a surgical guide, which the surgeon will use during the procedure to ensure that the implants are placed in the correct position. The surgical guide is typically made from a transparent material, such as acrylic, and fits over the patient's teeth and gums like a mouthguard. It has markings that show the surgeon exactly where to place the implants.

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Overall, guided surgery can help improve the accuracy and predictability of implant dentistry procedures, leading to better outcomes for patients.

Optimal results for your practice and your patients.

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Meet Carestream Dental’s latest innovation—a prosthetic-driven implant planning module that integrates with CS 3D Imaging software to improve treatment efficiency, ensure optimal results and enhance communication and collaboration with others. In just a few steps, you can scan patients with a Carestream Dental CBCT system and intraoral scanner, and plan implant placements more effectively than ever.

Workflow benefits:

• More reliable diagnostic abilities
• Greater confidence
• More predictable outcomes
• Optimal treatment results
• Faster treatment
• Fewer visits required
• Increased case acceptance
• Improved patient satisfaction
• Enhanced communication

How Does Carestream PDIP Make Implant Planning easy?

How we make implant planning easy:

Automatic alignment of digital impression and CBCT scan data: This exclusive feature gives you the ability to visualise the virtual set up with little to no manipulation required. All your data in one place: With CS 3D Imaging , you can visualise both restorations and implants on the same screen to develop a faster, more reliable treatment plan that can be easily shared with patients.

Comprehensive crown and implant library:

Virtually place implants and crowns in the appropriate axis by selecting the implant of your choice from a library that includes more than 60 implant manufacturers.
One-click implant reports: Generate detailed implant reports in a single click to prepare for surgery, order necessary components and share information with labs and referrals.

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