How much is an Acteon CBCT?

How much is an Acteon CBCT? - 360visualise

A 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine is a specialised dental imaging device that produces detailed, three-dimensional images of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding anatomy. These images provide valuable diagnostic information that can be used to plan and perform a variety of dental treatments, including implant placement, root canal therapy, and orthodontic treatment.

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Having a 3D CBCT machine in a general dental practice can generate more business in a number of ways. First, the ability to generate detailed 3D images allows dentists to more accurately diagnose and treat a variety of dental conditions. This can lead to more successful treatment outcomes and higher patient satisfaction, which can help to attract new patients and retain existing ones.

Additionally, having a 3D CBCT machine can also make a practice more attractive to other dental professionals, such as oral surgeons and endodontists, who may refer their patients to the practice for treatment. This can also help to generate additional business for the practice.

Overall, a 3D CBCT machine can be a valuable asset for a general dental practice, helping to improve patient care and generate additional business.

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